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Fenton & FTA Accelerating Innovations in Mobility Grant

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As you know, many transit agencies have been seeing decreased ridership nationwide the last few years which has prompted brainstorming regarding what changes can be made due to this trend. 

As the current pandemic has magnified this low ridership issue and the recently passed CARES Act has been at the forefront of funding available for supporting and problem solving these tricky times, there is another FTA Grant Program currently receiving applications titled Accelerating Innovations in Mobility (A.I.M.).

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This program, launched pre-pandemic by the FTA, was created to allow transit systems the opportunity to test new technologies available for exploring possibilities for urban and rural public transportation. 

The belief is that confidently making decisions and effectively launching new practices is most successful if given the opportunity to try, test and tweak them first. We agree!

We believe that our new AbilityBus system equipped with our Shift-N-Step Dual Access Lift Technology is a perfect match to the spirit of this program.  We’ve navigated both urban and rural cities and have seen how successfully it performs in both. We understand the importance of curbside accessibility, in all areas, for every rider. We are confident that if given the chance, your agency, drivers and riders would benefit greatly from adding this new system to your fleet and this program gives your teams and consumers the opportunity to see if you agree!

We would love the to discuss utilizing the A.I.M. Grant and the AbilityBus Shift-N-Step System toward an innovative collaboration together.  

FTA A.I.M. Grant Submission Form

FTA submissions are due May 18th, 2020. I will be available extended hours all next week for further discussion and submission support if you are interested! We would love to hear from you! 


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