About Us

Five years ago, FENTON Mobility, with it’s four+ decades of experience in the Automotive and Mobility Industry, launched it’s first product line: the AbiliTrax Flooring and Seating Solutions and went from a trusted vehicle upfitter to a nationwide upfit manufacturer within it’s product line’s first year on the market. 

Despite the product line’s success, President and Inventor Scott Fenton didn’t stop there. Instead, he and our giant brained engineers, went on to create and launch three additional patented and patent pending products which have debuted since then; the Shift-N-Step Dual Access Lift System, CAM2 Factory OEM Seat Remount System and the Save-A-Step Standing Lift Support System, all “first ever’s” in the industry. 

Today, FENTON Products has multiplied in size, from its original 12,000 sq.ft beginnings to its current 90,000+ sq.ft. facility.  Aside from helping private consumers and businesses, FENTON Products, AbiliTrax and Shift-N-Step is currently appearing on local and state government procurement’s and both private and public transportation systems nationwide, including California’s CalAct, (the largest state transit association in the United States) and New York City’s MTA,(North America’s largest transportation network, serving a population of 15.3 million people in and around New York City).

We at FENTON take great pride in our products which above all else are created with the highest standards of safety, quality and innovation.  We are pleased to be a part of creating solutions for consumers and communities around the globe and are excited to see where the future takes us next!

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Through ingenuity and dedication, our goal at FENTON is to lift up our customers, our partners and our employees by developing and manufacturing safe, innovative, leading edge technologies in mobility.  We find ways to work smarter not harder; to overcome obstacles; to identify not only the current need, but to anticipate the needs of the future.  Most importantly, we work to take you where you want to go by building the solutions together.  Where once you couldn’t, now you can.  We believe, with determination, there is always a solution.  Our mission is to help you get there.

Our Team

Mary Gabalski

General Manager

Keven Crawford

National Sales Manager

Donald Butler

Plant Manager

Johanna Gabalski

Accounting & Human Resources

Damon Brown

Upfit Team Leader

Derek Horning

Service Manager / Lead Upfit Technician

Steve French

Electrical Design Engineer