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One OEM Door with Curbside Access For All

With A Touch of a Button...

Your Ambulatory Entrance...

Has Wheelchair Access Too!

FMVSS 403 & 404 Compliant on all NHTSA approved 800lb Lifts

Passed Static Load Weight Test on both Braun and Ricon 800 Lift Models. FMVSS Compliant for the 1,000lb Ricon Titanium Lift

Accomodates 34" wide commercial lift

Compliant with all ADA Regulations

FTA Buy America Compliant

Made in the USA and available to 100% of all Federal Transit Administration Vendors

Retains all Chassis Factory Warranties

Bolt-In Design No Structural Modifications Necessary

For Your Fleet...

The Patented Shift-N-Step is the first ever state-of-the-art ADA compliant vehicle system to allow total access for all. Revolutionizing the public transit and bus market, Shift-N-Step creates a truly "Cross-Over" vehicle allowing curbside service for everyone, anytime, anywhere. One door with one system will now allow both wheel chair and ambulatory service in the today's highly desirable van segment. With our new Shift-N-Step dual entry system, you no longer need to have your vehicle structurally modified at either the front door position or the side door location to provide ambulatory access. Even better, because the van is not structurally modified, you minimize service and warranty issues minimizing the cost of ownership. This is the practical solution many operators have been waiting for to integrate the Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster and Mercedes Sprinter into their fleets.


Dual Grab Bar Entryway

Electrical Key Override


Manual Back Up System


8" Bus Step with Cover

Safety is Our #1 Priority

Transit systems coast to coast are specifying AbilityBus and FENTON Products as part of their paratransit vehicle design because of their unparalleled safety features and easy warranty.

Products such as Shift-N-Steps offer two forms of manual overrides, photo eye motion safety sensors and interlock stowed safety option.

Additional Safety Products available include driver barriers, wide step running boards, emergency & safety grab bars and AbiliTrax flooring and hands free quick disconnect seating solutions…

NHTSA Compliant

ADA Compliant

FMVSS Compliant

CMVSS Compliant

FTA Approved TVM

Buy America Compliant

Ford QVM Certified

Ram Q-Pro Certified

Mercedes Benz Master Upfitter

NTEA MVP Certified

Interlock settings prevent the lift from blocking the doorway when driving so the potential emergency exit is never blocked

AbiliTrax and/or Shift-N-Step are running on solicited vehicle procurements in the following states, having been specifically requested or accepted as an approved equal: ​


For Your Family...

For the first time, let one vehicle take you and your family everywhere you want to go. With seating for every age, to fit every need, for every occasion and every season of life, the Shift-N-Step Lift System makes travel easy so you can sit back and enjoy the ride!

For Seating

Comfortable seating for multiple wheelchair and ambulatory positions

For Storage

Groceries, Sports & Hobby Equipment, Travel for the whole family- now all in one


Add AbiliTrax flooring and enjoy flexible seating options that allow you to change your floorplan configurations whenever needed so your vehicle is always able to provide the very best travel to fit your needs


AbiliTrax is compatible with a wide variety of ambulatory seating options as well as a full arrangement of popular Q-Straint wheelchair securements including both "A" and "L" style fittings.

Shift-N-Step for Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Ford Transit

Compatible with Ford Transit 148" and 148" Extended Wheelbases (Medium and High Roof)

RAM ProMaster

Compatible with RAM ProMaster 2500 159" and 159" Extended Wheelbases

Mercedes Sprinter

Compatible with Mercedes Sprinter 170" and 180" Wheelbases

Dealer Network Coast to Coast

FENTON Products, including AbiliTrax and Shift-N-Step, are supported nationwide with our extensive Dealer Network consisting of Bus and Mobility Specialists across the country including 100% of FTA Approved Upfitters.