Non Emergency Medical Transportation

With FENTON products and the AbiliTrax Product Line, select from a multitude of floorplan options, full and partial flooring, a wide seat selection and a variety of accessory options to custom build the van best for you.  Rear Lift, Side Lift and Shift-N-Step Dual Access Lifts allow safe and easy accommodation’s for both ambulatory and wheelchair passengers alike.  Even better, AbiliTrax floorplans can not only be custom designed to fit your needs, but also changed throughout the life of your chassis, and interchanged with other AbiliTrax Systems in your fleet, giving you unlimited flexibility throughout the life of your vehicle. 


Advantages of AbiliTrax within your fleet

Seating configurations are changeable from moment to moment.

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Step-N-Lock foot activated quick disconnect seating

Provides drivers with the safest, most user friendly environment for quickly changing seats to accommodate changing needs from stop to stop.

A & L Fitting Compatible

Provides drivers with the safest, most user friendly environment for quickly changing seats to accommodate changing needs from stop to stop.

Easy to clean

AbiliTrax deep tracking allows for debri to never jam and interfere with tie down securements and can later be flushed clean with water or air pressure- never causing an issue during your route.

Western NY Strong

Abilitrax has been tested Coast to coast and proven to withstands the harshest of Ny and upper midwest winters along with the hottest of east coast california and southern florida summers

Heat ducts routed through the floor system

Provides drivers with the safest, most user friendly environment for quickly changing seats to accommodate changing needs from stop to stop.

Full and Partial Floor Designs

Cot Mount on Abilitrax Flooring

Medical Equipment Mounts

Rear and Side Lift Kits

Wide Array of Accessories

What Customers Are Saying...

“In my business it’s all about safety and comfort for our special needs customers, and with AbiliTrax products, our drivers have the flexibility to secure virtually any type of wheelchair or cot/stretcher design. Our drivers love their AbiliTrax upfitted Ford Transit vans"
Dana McWilliams
Managing Director, Quality Transport Services
Phoenix, Arizona
“With AbiliTrax, we finally have more flexibility over vehicle configurations that best match our trip demands and allow us to maximize our productivity. The biggest “game-changer” is the Shift N Step’s side slide-door dual-access system. Our drivers can now access the safer curbside location for both wheelchair passengers and ambulatory passengers."
Pam Rakestraw
Founder / Owner, SCR Medical Transportation
Chicago, Illinois
Our drivers love the durability and ease of cleaning connected with the AbiliTrax system. I assure you that the winters here in Buffalo, NY truly test all of our equipment and AbiliTrax receives our highest grades."...
Rick Eshenour
Maintenance Manager, Aries Transportation
Buffalo, New York


All FENTON Products have been designed specifically with safety as the #1 Priority. All products are put through rigorous testing for 100% compliance with all FTA, ADA, NYHTSA and FMVSS/CMVSS Regulations.

Strength & Durability

AbiliTrax Systems have passed static load tests of both 800lb and 1,000lb, lifts including the Braun Century Lift and Ricon Titanium Lift. AbiliTrax Systems outlive the life of their chassis providing lower overall cost of ownership

AbilityBusEL featuring AbiliTrax Flooring, Shift-N-Step Dual Access Lift System and FENTON Safety Equipment


Univeral design allows interchangeable seating and accessories (including lift kits) to change location within the vehicle or any other vehicle at any time

Buy America Compliant

All FENTON Products are made and manufactured in the USA just south of Buffalo, New York making all products Buy America Compliant.

All Applications Designed for Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Rear Lift Applications

Side Lift Applications

Shift-N-Step Dual Access Curbside Entry

The Patented Shift N Step is the first ever state-of-the-art ADA compliant vehicle system to create a truly “Cross-Over” vehicle allowing curbside service for everyone, anytime, anywhere. One door with one system will now allow both wheel chair and ambulatory service for the Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster and Mercedes Sprinter van . With our new Shift N Step dual entry system, you no longer need to have your vehicle structurally modified at either the front door position or the side door location to provide ambulatory access. Even better, because the van is not structurally modified, you minimize service and warranty issues minimizing the cost of ownership. Shift-N-Step is the practical solution operators have been waiting for!​

Create a floorplan in minutes with our Plan-A-Tool and customize the vehicle that fits your needs!  Your floorplan can then be submitted directly to us or sent to an AbiliTrax Dealer of your choice to receive full pricing from a mobility specialist!