American Van Works

We are building vans for specific trades, Plumbers, Electricians, Service Providers. We offer custom fabrication to modify a standard package to dial it in for your business or, we can build a complete custom shelving system to provide the organization needed to save time and be productive. 
Below you will find ideas for:

  • Shelving and bin units by Ranger Design.
  • Partitions: with or w/o windows, solid to keep fumes from the cabin area and a quite ride, and our most popular slider door partition built by Ranger Design.
  • Liftgates manufactured by PalFinger (Interlift), Leyman,and Tommy gate
  • Let us help build your mobile busniness Today.  
  • Van wraps to advertise as you drive.
1151 Beach Blvd.
Stanton, CA 90680