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Bringing state of the art equipment to the van and bus market, FENTON Products offers individuals, agencies and public transportation systems the safest solutions in innovative transportation and accessibility for all.

Over Four Decades of Experience
and a Nationwide Dealer Network

FENTON Mobility Products, Inc. is the holder of over a dozen Patent and Patent Pending designs in North America and Europe, with every FENTON product made in the USA.

Our goal is to elevate the lives our customers, our partners and our teams by developing and manufacturing safe, innovative, leading edge technologies in mobility with the following solutions…

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FENTON Products is pleased to announce it's
Notice of Public Comment:
DBE Goals for Fiscal Year 2023

Flexible Flooring
& Accessories

Modular Track Systems, such as the AbiliTrax product line, allow for all seating and equipment to be reconfigured at any time so your floorplan can change right along with your fleets changing needs.  We offer a variety of flooring designs and sizes for every application. 

Lift Systems

Wheelchair Lift and Standing Lift Solutions offer safe and easy curbside accessibility at the press of a button, for every passenger  anytime, anywhere. 

Flexible Seating

From public transportation and executive shuttles to camper vans and work vehicles, we offer a variety of FMVSS seating and seat storage solutions for every need. 

FENTOn Product line includes

Patented & Patent Pending Products

Modular Track System

Offers a variety of applications from ParaTransit and Shuttle Systems to Crew Floors and Camper Seating. AbiliTrax provides the freedom to make changes to your entire fleet as often as you need.

Patent #9,610,861

Flip, Move & Stow Seating

Hands-Free Foot-Activated Step-N-Lock Seat Bases quickly move, stow or remove all together for floorplans needing the safest, fastest and most versatile changes on the go.

Patent #9,550,436

Rigid Seating

CAMLock Seating bolts directly to the AbiliTrax Track. While reconfiguration is possible with proper tooling, the CAMLock base is recommended for primarily fixed seating.

Tool Free Moveable
Rigid Seating

CAM2 Bases are the solution for rigid seating that requires the tool-free ability to be quickly reconfigured or removed.

Patent #10,625,867

Dual Access Lift System

State of the Art Shift-N-Step offers curbside access for all in one OEM door opening without structural modifications to retain all chassis factory warranties.

Patent #10,881,561

Ambulatory Lift System

Save-A-Step offers Ambulatory Passengers struggling with vehicle steps, a safer, easier and more dignified entry and exit system while standing or seated.

Patent Pending

All the extras your fleet needs

FENTON offers Grab Bars, Shoulder Brackets, Running Boards, Operator Assist Packages, Ambulatory Assist Packages, Driver Barriers and More!

Safety is Our #1 Priority

FENTON Products are designed with safety as the number one priority.  All products have undergone extensive safety testing ensuring 100% FMVSS / CMVSS compliance. 

Products such as Shift-N-Step offer two forms of manual overrides, photo-eye motion safety sensors and an interlock stowed safety option.

Additional Safety Products available include driver barriers, wide-step running boards, emergency & safety grab bars, AbiliTrax flooring with hands-free quick disconnect seating solutions and more…

NHTSA Compliant

ADA Compliant

FMVSS Compliant

CMVSS Compliant

FTA Approved TVM

Buy America Compliant

Ford QVM Certified

Ram Q-Pro Certified

Mercedes Benz Master Upfitter

NTEA MVP Certified

Interlock settings prevent the lift from blocking the doorway when driving so the potential emergency exit is never blocked


All FENTON Products have been designed specifically with safety as the #1 Priority. All products are put through rigorous testing for 100% compliance with all FTA, ADA, NYHTSA and FMVSS/CMVSS Regulations.

Strength & Durability

AbiliTrax Systems have passed static load tests of both 800lb and 1,000lb, lifts including the Braun Century Lift and Ricon Titanium Lift. AbiliTrax Systems outlive the life of their chassis providing lower overall cost of ownership

AbilityBusEL featuring AbiliTrax Flooring, Shift-N-Step Dual Access Lift System and FENTON Safety Equipment


Universal design allows interchangeable seating and accessories (including lift kits) to change location within the vehicle or any other vehicle at any time

Buy America Compliant

All FENTON Products are made and manufactured in the USA just south of Buffalo, New York making all products Buy America Compliant.

All Applications Designed for
Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


Currently appearing on STATE DOT Procurements Nationwide

Transit systems coast to coast are specifying AbiliTrax and Shift-N-Step as part of their vehicle design because of it’s unparalleled safety features, fleetwide flexibility and easy warranty.  AbiliTrax and all components meet all ADA, FTA, FMVSS, NHTSA & Buy America Regulations.  Available in ParaTransit and Shuttle System Applications.

increase ridership and DECREASE EXPENSES with flexible floorplans

Offering Taxi & Rideshare systems with a wide variety of floorplans and upfits to meet their needs from full ADA accessibility to advanced shuttle options.  Add FENTON’s top of the line accessories such as passenger grab bars, ambulatory assist packages, running boards and luggage racks for the safest, most enhanced customer experience.

Choose from full and partial floors, rear and Side Lifts

All the factory options as the mid size van but with full size capabilities such as larger seating capacities, stow space, tow hooks, 4WD and more.  AbiliTrax flooring allows for seat reconfigurations throughout the life of your vehicle and Shift-N-Step provides safe and easy curbside access for every passenger. 

Shown featuring Easy Stow and Go Step-N-Lock Seating

"The slip resistant AbiliTrax Flooring is ideal for the severe weather conditions we face here in the Great Lakes Region."

Available with Side Lift, Rear Lift and Shift-N-Step Systems

"An ingenious flooring system in that it provides virtually unlimited seating flexibility on the go and the floor surface actually stays cleaner longer, compared to other flooring systems"

Shown operating Shift-N-Step

"...AbiliTrax mobility products has brought a new level of access, efficiency and drivability to our special transportation service"

Spacious seating and upgraded flooring options

When it’s time to up your shuttle game, AbiliTrax can help.  Accommodate wider aisles and leg room, upgrade your flooring designs and add accessories such as luggage storage, laptop tables, foot rests, usb ports, additional lighting and more.  

add safe seating for your crew

AbiliTrax Crew Floors provide team seating to safely transport your crew and cargo to and from worksites.  Choose from two modular pod sizes (Standard Crew Floor for up to 3 seats, Super Crew for up to 6 seats) and additional cargo flooring options for seamless flooring transitions.

add safe seating to your personal van conversion

AbiliTrax Seat Pod resizes the standard AbiliTrax full floor modular track system into a stand alone single seat option offering individuals and upfitters an FMVSS/CMVSS compliant seating solutions for the Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster and Mercedes Sprinter Vans. 


Equipped with:

The solution for all your small bus needs.  

FENTON AbilityBusEL Available for Demo

Create a variety of seating and wheelchair combinations in minutes

Fits Max 4 Wheelchair Positions | 11 Ambulartory Systems plus Driver

And Now Introducing...

AbiliTrax For Turtle Top

For nearly a year Turtle Top and Fenton Mobility, the maker of the Abilitrax Modular Flooring System worked together and the result is not only a great looking product, but one as flexible as any customer would need.


Seat tracking information system powered by InterMotive, includes a head unit that displays, tracks and stores the occupancy and seat belt status of passenger seats in a vehicle. SeatLink™ is an expandable system up to 90 passengers for heavy duty, midsize, paratransit, school bus and more.

Mountable Head Unit

System includes one (1) head unit which records, stores and displays passenger occupancy and seat belt status.

Standard Features

  • Each seat sensing module
    • Communicates wirelessly to Head Unit display
    • Utilizes an encapsulated battery power source (2+ years). Wired power source available upon request
    • Compliant to IP67 standards
  • Drivers are notified if:
    • A seat is occupied but the belt is not fastened
    • A seat is occupied and the belt is fastened
    • The belt is fastened prior to the seat being occupied
    • The seat module has a low battery (for non-hard wired systems) or is non-operational
  • Expandable system up to 90 passengers
  • Includes Intermittent Fault Filter™ (IFF) technology to eliminate false readings

Create a floorplan in minutes with our Plan-A-Tool and customize the vehicle that fits your needs!  Your floorplan can then be submitted directly to us or sent to an AbiliTrax Dealer of your choice to receive full pricing from a mobility specialist!

Dealer Network Coast to Coast

FENTON Products, including AbiliTrax and Shift-N-Step, are supported nationwide with our extensive Dealer Network consisting of Bus and Mobility Specialists across the country including 100% of FTA Approved Upfitters.