Why AbiliTrax?

Since the Mid 1980’s companies have been modifying vans and buses to fit the needs of the disabled community. In that time there has been thousands of combinations of seats, lifts and wheelchairs tie-down positions installed into these vehicles. Each community organization having its own challenges as unique as the individuals they serve. 

Eliminate Choosing A Single Floor Plan

Meeting the unique design requirements often times meant special ordering exactly what was needed causing long order lead times and a grueling process of design and approval.

You Van Changes With Your Needs

Many times after a custom vehicle was produced the needs of the users or community changed. This caused unnecessary expense and down time reconfiguring the modified vehicles to meet the new needs of the community.
Solution – AbiliTrax

Everything Becomes Quick Disconnect!

AbiliTrax is a common Platform that integrates quick disconnect AbiliTrax seating with several different wheelchair tie – downs options with wheelchair lifts and several other accessories using a floor grid system. This platform allows users to change the configuration of a vehicle in seconds.

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